Ecological Parameters

Intensive urbanization driven by private interest causes great dissatisfaction among citizens in Belgrade, but also severe environmental problems and climate change risks.

In this context, CEUS is currently implementing the project “Ecological Parameters for Healthier Cities”, supported by the Programme
“Active citizens – a better society: through advocacy towards cooperation and democratic development of Serbia”, which is implemented by BOŠ, with the support of the American people through the American Agency for International Development ( USAID).

The project’s overall objective is to enhance the engagement of citizens and the private sector in designing healthier cities, by advocating and implementing ecological and nature-based solutions for urban greening. Specific objectives are: (1) public advocacy related to ecological (green) urban parameters; (2) strengthening of the CSOs’ role in urban development practice; and (3) public campaigns on nature-based solutions and co-creation in urban planning.

Expected results logically follow the specific objectives, thus we plan to deliver: Public awareness-raising campaign on the impact of integrating greenery into construction; consultative (educational meetings with the private sector; Remarks on the most important planning documents and laws, in the procedure of (early) public consultations – in order to introduce obligatory ecological (green) urban parameters in the Law on Planning and Construction, and experimental application of the Ecological Index on Vračar Urban Municipality in the General Urban Plan for Belgrade until 2041; and a Round-table on nature-based solutions, with conclusions/recommendations.

Target groups include wider public (citizens) and informal network of community associations and movements, NGOs and professional associations of planners, public planning enterprise, Belgrade City Authority and the Ministry responsible for Planning and Construction, as well as private sector stakeholders from two categories: multinational companies or retail chains that should change their attitude towards open space in their own complexes, and dominant real estate developers on Serbian market.

Remark concerning Ecological Index on Vračar Urban Municipality in the Draft General Urban Plan for Belgrade until 2041 has been submitted in June, following the public event organized in collaboration with other relevant civil society organizations.

A Public Campaign has been initiated in August, with Green Walk for Children in Block 45, New Belgrade.

Round-table Discussion will be organized during public consultation for Amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction, or in November 2022, at the latest.