We have extensive and diverse educational and working experiences which allow us to comprehensively understand reality of development challenges and to conceive possible strategies for interventions. We are ready to devote to challenging tasks and to constantly extend our field of competences.

We organize educational programs, trainings and capacity-building workshops that promote professional skills development, young experts' empowerment, public participation and increase of local responsibility and action. Our experience in teaching and participating in various international learning groups represent our strong advantage.
Contemporary participatory planning measures promote an inclusive framework that engages policy makers and planning agencies together with the civil society and business stakeholders. The concept of participation of citizens in planning and decision making has been present in social sciences since the 1960s and it refers to various mechanisms in which the public can express its opinions and ideally influence choices regarding the public interest. We can facilitate various methods for enabling participation, such as Citizens Panels, Focus Groups, Surveys, Public Hearings, Community Planning, Charrette or Enquiry-by-Design Workshops, and we investigate how to foster participation by using ICT, social media and mobile technologies.
We have a profound understanding of the global dynamics and recent economic and social theories, as well as a sound engineering knowledge and experience in public policies and legislative roles. Moreover, we possess practical skills for data collection and analysis by use of statistics and econometrics. Good data gathering and careful 'diagnosis' often enable us to reveal unseen correlations and opportunities, thus create better ideas for interventions.
Strong linkage between research and action implementation is the key element of our work. Along with recommendations for holistic policies and strategies, integrating spatial, social and economic aspects and addressing multidimensional processes of transformations, we offer support for policy implementation.
We have a significant experience in project planning, management, monitoring and evaluation. We took part in development of methodologies for both process and impact evaluations for various projects.