Urban Development and Urban Planning

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Being the core of our professional training, urban planning and development represent a wide area of actions in which we operate: planning theories, development strategies, urban renewal, built heritage preservation, land-use policies, housing policies, participatory planning, sustainable urban infrastructure and technology, conviviality and culture, urban social segregation...


Urban Heritage Preservation and Renewal


Urban renewal of deteriorated city zones and architectural heritage preservation represent some of the main instruments for planning healthy, vibrant and prosperous cities and communities. Apart from being a significant element for confirming historical and territorial identity, reactivation of cultural patrimony also serves as a catalyst for economic activities and growth. We are experienced in managing projects which promote reaffirmation of neglected areas and add value to the existing build heritage.







Land-Use Planning and Land Valuation


Rapid demographic and spatial transformations and recent pace of urbanization impose major urban challenges. Some of those challenges can be addressed through responsible land management and land-use planning. A functional and integrated understanding of the dynamics of urban land use and effective utilization of well-informed policies and planning instruments can lead to a successful urban growth management. It encompasses land-use modeling as a planning support system and land valuation as an important tool for real estate management.