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CIVITAS Activity Fund First Call Project: BELGRADE - Being Inspired focuses on the Take-up level 1 of the CIVITAS CAPITAL methodology. It consists of a Workshop, a Students’ Award and a production of Dissemination and communication material. Thematic focus of the project is Integrated Planning, namely the process of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP).

Development of the first phase of the SUMP for Belgrade raised awareness of the local stakeholders and increased interest in integrated planning. Belgrade Secretary for Transport, Belgrade Urban Planning Institute and CEUS confirmed interest to be Associated Partners in the project proposal submitted for the Horizon 2020 Sub Call MG.5.3-2014. Tackling urban road congestion, focused on assessing how the role of walking and (safe) cycling in the urban modal split can be increased.

The take-up process of the BELGRADE Project will include a Workshop on sustainable urban mobility planning (September 2014), Awards for an Open call for papers / a Competition for university students (September – November 2014) and Dissemination and communication activities (August – November 2014).

The purpose of these activities is to explore the principles of sustainable urban mobility and investigate examples of good practice which could be applicable in Belgrade, through active inclusion of various stakeholders: researchers, international experts, local decision-makers, public employees and CSOs. The knowledge gained will be mainly targeted at planners, implementers and decision makers from the local authorities.




 The foreseen impact is to raise awareness and knowledge of the SUMP characteristics:

  • participatory approach;
  • balanced social equity;
  • environmental quality and economic development;
  • integrated approach of practices and policies between policy sectors, between authority levels, and between neighboring authorities;
  • a focus on the achievement of measurable targets;
  • a review of transport costs and benefits;
  • the developed methodology.

During the project, Belgrade will cooperate with a CIVITAS Demonstration City of Ljubljana, namely with the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, represented by Mr. Aljaž Plevnik. Mr. Plevnik was a Mid-term Evaluator of the UNDP project “Support to Sustainable Transport in the City of Belgrade” in 2013, when he had extensive dialogues with many relevant Belgrade experts.



A Workshop on sustainable urban mobility planning will take place in Belgrade (take-up city) in September 2014, during the European Mobility Week. This event will attend up to 30 participants.

Representatives of the local government:

- Secretariat for Transport (3 persons),

- Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction (2 persons),

- Secretariat for Environmental Protection (1 person),

- Agency for Investments and Housing (2 persons),

Public utility companies:

- Urban Public Transport Enterprise "Beograd" (2 persons), 

- Parking Services (1 person),

- Road Maintenance (1 person).

Public enterprises:

- Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade (2 persons),

- Belgrade Land Development Public Agency (2 persons).


- Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering (1 person).

CSOs (1 person).

Moreover, representatives from other Serbian cities are foreseen (one representative from up to 7 cities), as well as interested students (up to 5 students).

Representatives from other major Serbian cities will be invited to the Workshop, following their past activities (Novi Sad, where the conference “Towards a Human City” was organized in 2011 and 2013), the expressed interest in the subject (Ćuprija, as the only Serbian CIVITAS Network City), and the list of the relevant attendees of the “SUTP Conference” which was organized by the UNDP in May 2013 in Belgrade (Niš, Kruševac, Zrenjanin, Pančevo, Kula). This will allow disseminating the knowledge on the SUMP across Serbian cities and towns.

Since Serbia does not have the CIVITAS National Network, the workshop, as a supported activity, will be announced within CIVINET Slovenija-Croatia and opened for CIVINET participation.

The purpose of the Workshop is to introduce the concept of the SUMP to the local stakeholders, to inform them of the previous initiatives undertaken in Belgrade (Smartplan and the SUTP, I phase), to present experiences of the cities in the region (Ljubljana, Nova Gorica, Zagreb, Skopje) and to discuss the needs of Belgrade, roles and responsibilities of various institutions and possible initiatives in other Serbian cities and towns. This Workshop should provide inputs for scoping the proposal for development of Belgrade SUMP in the following months.

The methodology applied will include lecturing, as well as participatory decision-making processes: Focus Groups and Enquiry-by-Design.



The Open call for papers / a Competition for university students with Awards will be announced in September 2014 and evaluated in November 2014. This activity will seek papers on take-up methodologies or take-up processes in practice. Its purpose is to engage young researchers in exploring the principles of sustainable urban mobility and investigate examples of good practice which could be applicable in Belgrade and other Serbian cities and towns.

Papers will be evaluated by a three-member jury, composed by the representatives of the organizer (CEUS), city government and the university. A list of criteria for evaluation, as well as specific pondering, will be announced as a part of the Call for the Competition for university students.

Five best papers will be financially awarded, in a form of a three-months scholarship. A total value of the scholarships will be around EUR 1.200. Moreover, awarded papers will be included in the educational and promotion material (final publication) to be prepared by the end of the project implementation. In this way, learning outcomes of the Competition for university students with Awards will be clearly communicated to decision-makers and public employees.